Friday, 21 November 2014

#5 Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Frosting

I've used quite a few chocolate cupcake recipes before, but there has always been something that didn't sit well. My criteria for a chocolate cupcake calls for a cake that actually tastes like chocolate, not just a hint of cocoa. I also wanted a cake that wasn't too heavy, one that I could use with a wide variety of frostings and fillings. Surprise, surprise I found what I was looking for on Sally's Baking Addiction. I haven't come across a recipe of Sally's that I don't adore....... and so I got the recipe for the frosting from her as well.

The batter has cocoa as well as a small amount of chocolate which is melted with the butter, which is something often done in brownie mixtures. However this cake is not like a brownie. It is light, yet rich and full of chocolate flavour. The batter is like pudding, making it super easy to put into your cupcake tray with a cookie scoop (my favourite part!).

And the frosting..... oh my. It may look like a simple buttercream, but the white chocolate flavour is perfect. It's pretty much just a vanilla buttercream with melted (and cooled) white chocolate added. I made sure to beat the butter (room temp!) for a good few minutes before adding any sugar and the end product was so soft, but perfect for piping with my Wilton 1M. I've made white chocolate frostings before, and to be honest they just tasted like butter. I highly recommend Sally's recipe and the combo with the cupcake is perfection!

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